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          Megan McHattie of MinkMouse Photography  





MinkMouse Photography is a website put together to showcase the digital images and works of photographer Megan McHattie. McHattie has been developing her interest in photography since 1996, using a film medium and darkroom. Now working in a mostly digital format, Megan has recently shot for The Minnesota Daily newspaper as a Staff Photographer, worked as an  assistant art director for Echopedia magazine, and employed her talents on various other freelancing ventures. In her time at The Minnesota Daily McHattie’s photos were honored with a first and second place finishing at the Society of Professional Journalism’s region 6 Mark of Excellence awards in the categories of sports and general news. McHattie is interested in sports photography and photo-journalism, and having recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double degree in English and print journalism, she is now seeking employment in the field.